Colonic grading

Designed for the MRC Clasicc trial this classification of the plane of colonic surgery was tested in cases from Leeds and has been prospectively included in the NCRI Foxtrot trial.  Dissection is by the same method as for rectum

Definitions of colonic surgery

For written definitions please look here. Three grades of colonic surgery are shown below

Foxtrot trial

All cases in the Foxtrot trial are being prospectively graded for quality of colon surgery

Details of Foxtrot

NCRI Foxtrot trial is a comparison of surgery alone vs 6 weeks of preoperative chemotherapy using 3 arms with a combination of 5FU/FA, 5FU/FA and oxaliplatin vs 5FU, oxaliplatin and panitumormab for Ki ras wild type patients. All surgery is being graded prospectively by the pathologists